Mrs. Musawar Afzal,


Mrs. Afzal has an innate aesthetic sense and deep passion for beauty. With her extensive series of diplomas in beauty therapy and aesthetics from Marvel Beauty School in Canada, frequent refresher courses, trips to trade shows around the world and hands on experience with how to handle her clientele, Mrs. Afzal has made her mark as a market leader in the beauty industry of Pakistan.

With over 25 years of business excellence to her credit, she continuously strives to bring the latest beauty technologies and top quality products to her clientele. Mrs. Afzal says, “Beauty therapy is a rapidly developing industry. Being in this business requires being constantly up to date with the trends, techniques and modern equipment that can benefit our clients.”  By dedicating herself to this profession, Mrs. Afzal stresses on the importance of customer service while providing women with a wholesome beautifying experience. She says, “When you are as passionate as myself about beauty, you feel extremely fortunate to be part of such a progressive business. The sky is not the limit. The possibilities for progression are endless.

Arsh choudri


As far back as her best memories take her, Arsh has been an integral part of the beauty salon. Having been literally raised in the salon business, she has developed an aptitude for understanding customer care, anticipating women’s aesthetic needs and how to cater to them with extensive professional knowledge.  Arsh undertook her first make-up artistry course at 16 years in Canada and began working professionally that same year. Seeing the zeal with with clients responded to her new and original style of make-up, she decided to bolster her skills with a trip to what she considers the absolute shrine of make-up artistry: the Middle East. An intensive make-up course in Lebanon opened her skills up to great heights of success. Since then Arsh hasn’t wavered in her goal, continuing her make-up education by taking advanced courses with top global makeup artists every year to keep herself updated in all the latest skills and trends. While undertaking her beauty therapy course at Newlook, Arsh took a professional hair coloring course at Vidal Sassoon in London to add a creative spunk to the typical hair coloring trends in Lahore. Now Arsh is managing the salons alongside her sister Kirin and gives exclusively selected students training in make-up. She has focused her efforts set on expanding business and maintaining the standard of the beauty salons in a manner consistent with Mrs. Afzal’s business principles.

Kirin Chaudhari,


Kirin was a confident 8 year old when she did her professional first make-up on a model that was set to host a TV show. It encouraged the beginning of her career not just in make-up artistry but also as the key managing partner in the salons where she has contributed immensely despite her young age. Having followed her sisters steps in taking her professional make-up courses in the Middle East, Kirin has found her niche by establishing a style of make-up that is unparalleled in the country. Her looks are glamorous, striking and a fresh take on the traditional, almost Bollywood inspired. Her years in Art school have helped Kirin refine her sense of aesthetics and she has an eye for identifying with beauty in a unique way. Kirin focuses on public relations and upholding the premium quality of services by conducting constant trainings in professional skills development for her staff. She manages the salon with her sister Arsh, placing strong emphasis on customer service and professionalism in her work place.

Samar Batool,

Administrative Manager/Course Coordinator

Samar joined Newlook in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. With eight years spent as a vice principal/administrator in education and five years as a teacher and instructor, she has honed her professional skills to reflect her dedication in exhibiting top quality output. Samar’s commitment to professionalism, love for education and passion for work has made her a vital personality in Newlook. As an administrative head, she is responsible for staff management and gives the word on daily operations in the salon. Her expertise as a course coordinator has ensured Newlooks success in the professional beauty training arena. City & Guilds International in Pakistan commends Samar’s success in producing the most talented classes of professional beauty graduates through Newlook. Her career is intrinsically tied to the future of Newlook’s business growth and working as part of the team continues to be a dynamic experience for Samar.

Ushna Nauman Khan,

General Manager

Having worked for and trained with several well reputed institutions, Ushna has a resume many would covet for. Having conducted professional beauty seminars and training internationally, she has acquired extensive knowledge in her field. Her passion for advancement in the beauty industry lead her to begin a career with Newlook.  As GM at Newlook, Ushna has a zealous commitment to the progress of the business and is also keen on developing strong public relations to uphold the customer service standards. Ushna has quickly become an integral part of the management team with her charismatic persona. She emphasizes that the key to business’s success is to constantly evolve with the latest beauty technology and therapies and she firmly stands by the business principles of Mrs. Afzal.

Salon Staff

With a fully qualified and intensively trained staff of 40 female employees at Newlook Lahore  and 10 employees at Newlook branch in Sharjah, UAE, the salon prides itself on the highest quality of services. Each service is rendered with skill using renowned international product lines and client satisfaction is a top priority. Each staff member frequently undergoes refresher training in accordance with the top standards and stringent hygiene requirements in practice at Newlook.